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im not traditionally a tempeh lover, but i came across this recipie and thought it would be worth a shot. im counting calories and was looking for a tasty lunch under 400 calories. this makes a ton of food, is really filling, and will definately hold you over till dinner. not to mention, it keeps in the fridge and is hecka easy to make!

you might wanna tote some breath mints though ;)

Indian Tempeh Salad
what you'll need...
1 stalk celery
1/4 onion (preferrably red)
1/2 apple cut
1/2 tbs walnuts
1 tbs raisins
2.5 oz tempeh
3 oz soy yogurt (about 1/2 of one of those little cups)
2 tsp mustard
1 tbs soy mayo
1 tsp curry poweder
1 cup salad greens

the rest is pretty intuitive. chop up everything that looks choppable then add all the liquid-y ingredients. "pour" that onto a nice bed of greens ( i used spinach) and viola!
this recipie is super easy to tweak. for instance i didnt have any vegannaise so i just left it out and it was still tasty. raw onions also give me terrible heartburn so i substituted the 1/4 onion for some of those little green guys that have sprouted out of the top of some of my onions ( spring is definately here!) for whatever reason they dont turn my chest into a pillar of fire and they still lent a lovely onion-y flavor.

i've also been daring and tried this with flavored yogurt (rasberry) and it added a nice fruity and sweeter taste to it. i'd imagine this would be kickin with some lemon juice too.
the only other thing you might wanna think about is toting some mints and some kleenex.... the onions are lethal and the curry will keep your sinuses niiiiice and clear if you get allergies from the lovelie flowers abound this time of year.

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