ellyodd (ellyodd) wrote in vegancooking,

I have had the flu for 1½ week now, and I still have it. I sleep and sleep and sleep, drink water and try to eat healthy even though I don’t have the energy to cook.

Tomorrow I have an important meeting I can’t miss, because… well, I’m in charge of it, I’m the vice-president in the Danish dyscalculia association and the normal president is on maternity leave.

The meeting will take 3 hours at least. How do I stay awake.. or rather, how do I wake up? I don’t take medicine unless I have something that would kill me if I didn’t, so drugs are not the answer.

What can I eat and drink that will make me okay, at least? I never drink coffee and stuff, but I will, if it will help…

Any ideas are welcome
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