Hilary (jandrofrachini) wrote in vegancooking,

cheap and easy

okay so this guy is going ot trade me a bunch of blank mixtapes for some vegan baked goods which i've done before.
only problem this time is that i'm going on a college visit to agnes scott tomorrow and he wants to trade friday so i only have friday to do this.
i'm already making some sort of dessert bread, but i need baking recipes that don't call for tofu or chocolate (other than cocoa powder) because i just don't have time to get out to a store let alone a health food store.
these need to be relatively simple and quick, too, as i want to make at least two or three or four different things.

baked goods=things that are baked. muffins, cupcakes, cakes, granola bars, fudge, etc. you all know what baked goods are, i'm sure.

thanks you soso much!

XXX@cheapvegan and vegancooking

also, the only fruit i have around the house are strawberries, apples, lemons, and still-green bananas and unripe pears. (if that makes a difference)
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