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Fruit Fritters

Ah, gram flour! That friend of all egg-avoiding and wheat-intolerant folk who have met it! Such a joy to cook with! Especially for deep frying.

Yes, I'm afraid this is not one for the dieters among you. Nor is it one for sticklers for exact measurements. Improvise! I have yet to make a bad gram batter, and I never measure anything. It's easy!

So to the point: Fruit fritters. I used an apple and a pear; however, this recipe should generalise with great ease to almost any fruit you might care to think of. The first thing to do is to make the batter. Take some gram flour - maybe half a bowlful - and mix it with plenty of cinnamon, and a bit of baking powder, say a teaspoon or two of each. Then mix in some syrup - I used ginger syrup, which is GREAT, but almost any syrup would do, or just sugar. Finally, add water. We're aiming for a thinnish batter here, pourable but not actually runny.

Then, render the fruit into fryable-sized chunks, or rings; core apples, pears and such, and make slices around a centimetre thick. Heat up plenty of oil in a suitable pan, but don't let it get too hot, or the fruit won't get a chance to cook. Then dip the fruit in the batter; allow any excess batter to drip back into the bowl, lest it drip into the pan and quickly blacken; at last, drop it carefully into the oil. If you do drop any stray batter in, either move it quickly onto the still-liquid batter attached to the fruit, or pick it out with your frying implement.

They should only take a couple of minutes or so to fry, and ideally you'll only need to turn them over once. Finally, remove them, dripping as much of the attached oil as possible back in the pan, and set to drain on at least one piece of kitchen towel.

That's it! If you live without fear of calories or lardiness, you may wish to eat them with syrup.

note: if this recipe appears to be written in a hyperactive sort of style, please understand that I am only now coming down from my fritter high.

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