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Farmer's Markets

Thought I would x-post this here from daily_granola even though I didn't do the original post. The person include a link to find farmer's markets where you live. I SO cannot wait til the one near me starts up (in a few weeks).

Also - probably not savvy enough for the vegan gourmets out there - but for the cheap and lazy, here are a few uses for some fresh veggies. They meet all my requirements for good recipes - few ingredients, don't need to measure, not too expensive.

If anyone has a good use for broccoli, please let me know (and feel free to add it in the comments on the post I linked to above). Just to give you a starting point, I prefer it cooked to raw, I do not like ranch dressing, and I LOVE broccoli when it is cooked Asian style but abhor it when it is just steamed the good old American way.
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