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A very rich chocolate cake

I'm not a great creator of recipes, i'm usually too nervous in the kitchen to create cakes without recipes, but I woke up this morning, and i wanted to make the kind of cake that was so rich, dense and chocolatey that you couldn't possibly have more than a tiny little slice even if you wanted to. I scoured the internet, but i didn't find anything suitable. Apparently, the thing i created is a little like the cake in matilda that the trunchball makes that kid eat all of. So i thought i'd share it here, in case anyone else wants to make themselves feel a bit sick in a good way...

For the cake:
150g flour
150g margarine
150g sugar
3 x powdered egg replacer
2 tbsp cocoa powder
water (about 1/2 a mugful)

for the creamy topping stuff:
150g bar 70% chocolate
1 carton soya dream (250ml soya cream)

save 1-2 rows from the chocolate for the final topping.

1.Mix the flour and egg replacer up nicely, add the sugar and cocoa, then the margarine and cream it all together. Slowly add the water in until it reaches an appropriate consistency.

2.Bake for about 15-20 mins in a greased springform tin. (Though i didn't look at my watch once, so that might be a fib, just take it out when it's a bit springy and nearly dry through when you put a knife in.)

3.Leave to cool, and make the creamy topping. Boil a pan of water and melt the chocolate in a pyrex bowl above it, then add the soya cram slowly, in hindsight it would have been better to have warmed the cream up first, and if you aren't into all things bitter, you may wish to add some sugar at this point.

4.When that's all melted and creamed, pour onto the top of the cake, whilst still in the tin, and cool in the fridge, i put it in the freezer but i know that's naughty.

5.Using the leftover chocolate, attempt to shave those curly bits off and sprinkle on top. The chocolate i used was having none of it, but it looks fine with just shaved flat bits, if you get what I mean.

Keep refigerated, and once the topping has solidified a bit, you can push out the cake onto a plate. This worked well using a circle of greaseproof paper in the tin. If I can find my camera, I will post a photo, though i have not seen it for quite some time, so that's quite unlikely. But it does look nice, honest. And it is very tasty.
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