cromoforo (apoisonpen) wrote in vegancooking,

mexican "egg"rolls.

vegan mexirolls
(hello, i'm new here)

1. Grate 2 lg. carrots, chop up cabbage,
mexican squash, celery, mushrooms, & onion.
Saute in oil, season with salt, pepper,
chili powder, garlic powder.

2. Soften 12 corn tortillas in oil on
med. heat for a few seconds on each
side. Place on a paper towel.

3. Let cool for 5-10 mins. Spoon veggies
onto tortilla. Fold in the edges on each
side & roll up like a burrito while
keeping the edges tucked in.

4. Fry in a little oil on each side until
crispy. Place a paper towel in a bowl
& drain them standing up.

Serving Suggestion: White or Spanish
rice, black or refied beans, dipping salsa.
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