...this is a story of possibility... (evilmannequine) wrote in vegancooking,
...this is a story of possibility...

so what do YOUUU eat when you crave raw fish?

I've been getting some non vegan cravings recently. and I really hate that. and I dont want to break down and eat my fishie friends!

I could write some serious love letters to sushi with raw fish.

and so as to not disgust anyone, I wont start with that on here...

but does anyone have any suggestions? I miss the taste, but I think its largely a texture thing.

fish (er, well, specifically salmon (mostly which my family had caught)) was actually the thing that kept me from being fully vegan for a long time. I stopped eating dairy and eggs before I stopped eating fish. and its the thing that I struggle with most. occasionally I wish I could have a bite of chocolate cake or a slice of pizza. but I think I crave fish more than cheese. I've been trying to keep up with the flax oil and vitamins and eating healthy stuff so I'm not deficient in stuff, but I'm still craving it.

I'd love some reccomendations!
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