Lacy Jae (lacyjae) wrote in vegancooking,
Lacy Jae

high fibre, high yum

I'm just out of hospital from surgery (oophorectomy - ask if you want info) and I have the abdominal surgery issues with the bathroom.

I need high fibre meal ideas that I can get my mom to cook for me, that are also really yummy (I'm sick of a week of bland hospital food!) but not spicy. Easy would be great, the easier the better. Easy to digest (fibre sorta suggests that I suppose lol) and possibly recipes that make lots of food, so I can eat it for leftovers and maybe even share with my parents. ;)

I could look, but I trust the tastes of you folks, so I want some good suggestions of post-op food.

Cancer fighter ingredients would be great too, but that's half the food we eat right? LOL.

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