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simple and oh-so good

Pay day is far away, so I've busted out the emergency food supplies.

Tonight I made wild rice with red miso, soy beans and corn.

Wild Rice: (the kind I bought had the most protein of any rice, which was a lot)
3 cups of water to one cup of rice
Boil water, add rice, bring down to a simmer, cook for about 35 minutes, stirring occasionally.

About twenty minutes into the rice, add two heaping tablespoons of red miso, about a 1/4 cup of soy sauce and a half cup each of (frozen) soy beans and corn kernels. Stir every few minutes, until desired texture is reached. Once finished, splash some balsamic vinegar on that baby and serve with roasted veggies. I made roasted asparagus, golden beets, carrots and potatoes (with salt, pepper and paprika). The potatoes went so freaking well with the balsamic vinegar, but I think everything out of the dessert category tastes good with the ole BV.

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