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Cheap, Easy Student Meal

This is my first recipe post on here. Just to warn you, this recipe isn't the healthiest but it's meant for a cheap way to make a meal when you're a student and on a budget. I whipped it up one day a few months ago and it's one of my favorite easy, fast meals now.

Vegan Ramen Goodness (couldn't think of a better name)

What you need:
+ 1 packet of Ramen (noodles, doesn't matter what flavor because you're not going to use the flavor packet anyway)
+ 1 packet of Boca "Ground Burger"
+ Olive oil (or any other type of oil; use whatever you like best)
+ Salt (unless you don't want/use salt)
+ Water
+ Tupperware (or microwavable bowl that ramen will fit in)

What to do:
1. Open the Ramen bag and throw the flavor packet away (only the noodles are used in this recipe).
2. Put the ramen in the tupperware bowl and fill it with water (about 2 cups).
3. Microwave the ramen for 4 minutes. If you want your ramen crunchier, use less time.
4. After the ramen is done, cut a slit in the Boca "Ground Burger" packet and microwave it for 3:40 (I've just about perfected this routine, so that exact amount should be all you need unless you have an older microwave).
5. Drain the water from the ramen and then spread the ramen out on a plate. Then spread the cooked Boca "Ground Burger" over it. Then douse it in as much oil you want, and add salt to your liking.
6. Eat!

I've found that some people think this recipe seems really gross, while others really like it. The people who thinks it's gross don't ever try it, though.
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