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Need some help...

Hi everyone!!

Think I need some help.
Tomorrow I'm celebrating my birthday, and some friends (non-vegan) are coming over. Somehow I promised them food. I don't have a lot of money, I was thinking of serving either Risotto or a stew of some kind. Witch would you prefer? What to put in it? I never made risotto before. And what for dessert?
As I said: dont have a lot of money, so it has to be cheap, and since I live in sweden I wont be able to get some special brands. Another thing, I want to make it simple, dont have time to stand in the kitchen al day since I'll have to clean my apartment as well.
But I would really use some help, cuz my head feels totally blank.

Also, if you have a good recipe for buns that would really help as well.

Have to take the opportunity to say that I really love this community!!
Al of your recipes are so inspiring =) has really been a big help in me going vegan.

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