Roxanne (estrella_trash) wrote in vegancooking,

what section exactly would a recipe for fallafil be under in the recipe index?
because... I just found out that they are quite possibly the most delicious substance ever devised and I need to make stockpiles, lol. my package from the store referred to it as a 'sandwhich' looking under sammiches i have no luck.. so i checked around the index, no luck. also, i was going to just attempt to make it by blending all the ingredients on the package together, seeing as how it's just kind of a.. paste.. so, the recipe I had was a combo of garbanzo beans (which i have) and fava beans. I went to safeway before work and did a quick peak in the canned isle and the ethnic isle and no luck there so im wondering if fava is just something im more likely to find in a health food store or if i should have just searched better? Im going to try and make it to another grocery store or two today because i have to go shopping anyways so im thinking they are more likely to be in the dried food section?
okay, i know you are thinking 'will this post get any more complicated and whiney?' but wait... I am also confused as to what temperature you should enjoy your fallafil? I had about half of it cold, straight from the fridge and it was nice and gooey and pastey and i enjoyed it. and then i microwaved the other half and the paste kinda seperated and looked like a fluffy bean version of a graham cracker crust but was still quite delicious. so.. what are your thoughts?
also, i typed it into google and i got next to nothing.. something about a jewish comedian, not what im looking for! whoa is me!! am i spelling it right?
Tags: ethnic food-middle eastern-falafel
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