dayakara (dayakara) wrote in vegancooking,

Hi everyone, I used to be a Taco Bell a-holic ...

When I was ovo-lacto, I'd consume 7-layer burritos like there was no tomorrow, and when I went vegan for a while I'd still instinctively pull off the highway when I saw the Bell logo on the "Food - Next Exit" signs and order bean burritos w/o cheese. Cheap. Hot. Fast. Food. Ahh ...

But then I became educated about Pepsico and could no longer indulge my secret passion without a guilty conscience.

Now I've found out how easy it is for the time-deprived to make these things up yourself in 1 minute. At my local co-op they sell Bearitos brand (spicy) refried beans, organic flour tortillas and good salsa. It takes me 15 seconds to smear a layer of beans and salsa (plus maybe some jalapeno slices) on the tortilla and 45 seconds to microwave it.

Simple pleasures. Why on earth had I been depriving myself when it was always this easy?

These aren't awful when they're cold, either. I'm thinking of packing the ingredients with me on road trips so I can be forever immune to food lust when I see Taco Bell signs on our nation's interstates.
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