Lynn (blut_infektion) wrote in vegancooking,

Do you miss whipped cream?

I found the most awesome product at the Natuurwinkel, today, when I went in to buy my soy milk! Whipping cream!! It says on the carton to whip it with a hand mixer at high speed for two minutes, but I don't have one, so my boyfriend and I took turns beating it with a wire whisk for about ten minutes, and it worked! I haven't had dairy whipped cream in more than 6 years, but it sure tasted like the real thing to me. It was gorgeous heaped on top of our chocolate pudding.
It's a new product--just came out last month--and it's made in Germany. I'm not sure if US stores will be carrying it any time soon (they should!), but I'm pretty sure you can order it. I see on the website that they also sell it pre-whipped in a spray can, but my store doesn't have that. It's pretty fun to whip it yourself and watch it develop, anyway.
Check it out--you won't regret it!
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