Death to Vegetables (nefarioustofu) wrote in vegancooking,
Death to Vegetables

Saag Choley: A figment of my imagination?

Ok, so I decided that I was going to make Saag Choley for dinner tonight -- this lovely Indian dish of chickpeas and spinach in a tomato-onion sauce -- one of my favorites back from when I would go out to eat back in my hometown of Cincinnati. Only, when I went to google for a recipe today, the only websites that came up were sites referencing Cincinnati restaurants. There was ONE place in another part of the country that served it, and that's it. So... has anyone else had saag choley? Is it called something else in other places? Do y'all know the common flavorings? I figure I'll just make something up for tonight, but I'm just really curious. The idea that it doesn't exist everywhere is just so shocking to me.
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