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aaaaahhhhhh!!!! i have found out that i am pritty certianly allergic to soy!!! i've been vegitarian my whole life (and had stomach aches my whole life) i've been vegan since january and recently i've had relly relly relly bad dabilitating stomache aches so i've been cutting one thing at a time out of my diet for a week at a time to see if i'm allergic to anything, and it's soy! WHAT DO I DO?!?!
(i don't think anyone would suggest it, but i will not quit being a vegitarian, i'll live w/ it, but should i quit being vegan and go back to ovo-lacto?) i'm worried about not getting enough protien and calcuim as well as not being able to have or make like any baked good of any kind or any kind of ice cream...
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