Gemma (teacupdiaries) wrote in vegancooking,

Well, I'm sick again, so my dietician has put me on another boring diet so my gut can heal. This time it's worse, however, since I need to eat at least 2 servings or rice a day, and rice gets boring very fast.

So I need some ideas as to what I can do with plain, white rice. Recently I've tried sweet and savoury rice (rice cooked with veggies and some fresh mango with lime juice), stir frys (but only with wheat-free soy sauce since all the other sauces contain wheat, and I can't eat that), and I'm thinking of making some rice pudding. I have flour and corn tortillas so I could do burritos accept that I'm not supposed to eat any beans (too high in fibre) and can only eat cooked veggies, so what could I put in there?

I just did a big shop, so to give you an idea of my pantry:

-all kinds of veggies (carrots, potatoes, cabbage, celery, etc)
-flour and corn tortillas
-toffuti fake cream cheese with chives 'n herbs
-soy sauce
-rice noodles
-fake chicken broth
-soy margerine
-olive oil
-lemon and lime juice
-soy milk
-all kinds of spices
-brown sugar
-mixed leaf salad
-bananas, apples, and mango
-peanut butter

So, any rice ideas? Or stor fry sauces I can make at home? Hell, any ideas at all? I know this diet is supposed to be boring but I'd like to enjoy my food even just a little. >_>

I checked the recipe index and picked up some rice pudding recipes, but otherwise I'm rather stumped.
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