alchemia (alchemia) wrote in vegancooking,

Need Help Modifying some Cajun Recipes

I want to do some cajun cooking which I currently do vegitarian but need to modify to vegan for a guest. The main problem I'm having difficulty with adjusting is
for making étouffées with a butter based roux; i've tried oil based but it's lacking flavour. How can I make it richer/more butter-like?

Secondly have any of you tried blackening any of the vegan meat substitutes out there? (you coat the filet of whatever in a lemonjuice, butter and cajun spice mixture, except I'll have to try oil(?) in place of the butter and then sear it in a pre-heated skillet) If so, I'd like to know which you thought worked best flavour wise and which held up best (didn't fall apart). I bought some vegan boca burgers to try it with, but figured I'd ask first before experimenting.
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