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Cookbooks for the health conscious

I’ve seen you guys answer some tough questions, so here’s the challenge:
I have the book How It All Vegan (I love it, it’s like a bible for me) but that’s my only vegan cookbook. So here are the guidelines…. can you find me the perfect cookbook?
· I’m the only vegan in the household (so the meals inside the book need to be inexpensive to make)
· Egg replacers like Ener-G kind of freak me out (plus they are ubber expensive – at least where I’ve seen them) so if I can’t use the trusty applesauce, banana or flax seeds to replace the eggs then the recipe = no good
· Though I’m finished school until the fall, my school schedule requires odd hours (I’m doing theatre and film studies…so I’m always there). It would be awesome if there were recipes in there that are A.) quick to make and B.) easy to take to school (I do have access to a fridge and microwave at school…even though they both smell bad) – but not all the recipes have to be like this…there are times I’m not at school
· I’m picky on the carbs that I consume – I stay away from white starchy stuff, and for some reason I just don’t eat potatoes (I do eat brown rice, whole wheat pita, oats, veggies and fruit…occasionally rice pasta…that sort of stuff)
· And yea, I also don’t like foods high in sugar and oils(but don’t get me wrong I do eat sweets like cookies every so often…. but the “healthier” (cookie wise) the better (stuff like that)
· I'm avoiding recipes that call for "butter" (it's ok if there are recipes that call for it, i just wont use that recipe i guess)
· I live in Canada – I don’t know if that makes a difference – so if the ingredients are easy to find and relatively inexpensive then the better it is
· I think I have a sensitive stomach so things high in spice, onions, peppers… can make me feel sick – more so when stir-fried – (recipes can call for those, I’ll just make adjustments if needed, I think it just depends how it’s prepared)

I’m pretty sure that’s all I need in my “perfect” cookbook. I am curious about the Vegan Cooking For One cookbook – so if anyone knows how tasty/healthy is it let me know.
*sorry if this has been answered, I did check the memories and found nothing, but if there is I can delete this.
*and i'm totally sorry for this post, it probably makes me seem really difficult..but i just listen to what my body likes and doesn't...
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