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do you think this pan will work for vegan goodies??!?!

So i'm sure many of the other food network addicts out there have seen the commercial, for the super housewifey and seemingly wonderful betty crocker Bake N' Fill ( What it is, is an awsome pan designed to make a cake with a hollow center so you can fill it with, ice cream, frosting, pudding, or another flavor of cake (i also had the idea for a nice no bake cheesecake filling, mmm!). Also need i mention that it also comes with an extra DOMED pan to make such awsome things as lady bugs, and baseballs etc. (the cake decorator in me squeels as the multiple uses all for TWENTY SIX DOLLARS). Now if none of my description makes sense to you, just head over to the website, and the pictures will definitly make it simple and clear.
You may ask why i have not ordered this already, why am i not making sure to have it in time to make a better pecan filled cake for my friend Zak? Why you ask, because of the bake time. The bake time for the large pan is 50-55 miutes for non vegan cake, and anyone who has messed with vegan cake, knows that they often take a bit longer than their non vegan counterparts, and i just really worry that vegan cakes will stay a ball of gooey and gross mush in this wonderful wonderful pan. I myself am not vegan, but most of my friends are, my boyfriend is, and i don't really use eggs, so i never really bake non vegan things, so what the heck is the use of a pan that won't make vegan yummies?
So i figured i could ask my fellow baking geniouses what they thought of my dilemma.
*i so so want this pan!!*

Edit *i just bought it i hope this was not a huge mistake*
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