Sarah Anne (miniaturize) wrote in vegancooking,
Sarah Anne

For the young and old - Easy food for those who wish to rush :)

Tropical Peta Pizza

- One round of peta bread (Unbleached for healthy freaks. Try while wheat - it's much healthier)
- Vegan pasta sause
- Pineapple
- Shreaded cocoanut
- Vegan cheese shreads (Mozzarella flavoured)

For new vegans - Be sure to carefully read the lables before attempting this dish. Make sure your pasta sause, especially, is cruelty free!

Place peta bread on a microwave safe plate. Add sause, cheese, and toppings. Microwave for 30-60 seconding (depending on your microwave).

The beauty of it is, It can be cut up or rolled up, and you get that a healthier 0 yet identical in flavouring - alternative to greasy pizza.

If I could eat only these from now on - I totally would. Being a teen, I have a taste for typical teenager food such as pizza. But being a vegan, I have made my own variation of a popular teen-vegan choice. Ladies, This goes wonderfully with a Luna bar (not the low carb, it's vegan), for those who would decide to do this for lunch. Get all those vitamins in and stay nice and healthy! :)
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