Sarah Anne (miniaturize) wrote in vegancooking,
Sarah Anne

Vegan Snow Balls

A wonderful alternative to the popular cruelty producted based snow balls that many of us saw this winter.

-Shreaded/baked walnuts
-Soy delicious "ice cream" in vanilla
-Shreaded unsweetened coacanut
-Non refined sugar

Okay, to start this off. You need to prep your cocoanut. Take a small bowl and add hot water along with your sugar. Put your cocanut in. Let it soak over night. The following day, drain your cocanut. Place it on a non stick baking sheat and bake untill the edges have became semi browned. Do not bake untill the entire thing is, you only weant the edges of the shreads to have this effect. Tada, cruelty free sweetened cocanut!

Now, take your ice cream. This is messy, so be sure to have a hanky ready! Take a table spoon and pull out scoops of your soy delicious. Roll into balls quickly in your hands and place in the cocanut. Semi cover each ball. Now that that's done, what isn't covered in your walnuts. Place in mini cupcake papers and place in the freezer.

After about an hour in the freezer, you're set!

This is a lovely way to show your kids that being vegan doesn't mean they can't have a few good treats. Especially nice cold ones in the summer. Would be an awesome thing to invlude them in as well :)
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