kejlina (kejlina) wrote in vegancooking,

Vegan chicken noodle or dumpling soup?

Does anyone have a tried'n'true recipe, or a way to replace the chicken in the soup?

I don't have access to pre-made faux chicken, but I do have things I could probably use to turn into faux chicken somehow; tofu, TVP, and gluten flour (to make into seitan). Any opinions on which would be best to use in my soup would be appreciated.

I also have access to a variety of herbs, spices, vegetables, a dumpling recipe, fun pasta shapes, vegetable soup boullion, and vegetarian chicken-flavour soup boullion. So I think for the most part I can figure the soup out, but the chicken part is stumping me. I checked out the archives but the posts I found addressed other issues (such as how to get a chicken-flavoured broth, or how to make dumplings, etc).
Tags: soups-noodle
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