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Wilted Spinach Tofiken Sandwich

So, I experimented with a sandwich idea tonight, and it was so good I had to post the recipe.

2 pieces of bread (preferably a hoagie roll)
1/2 block of Tofu
1/2 c Soy Sauce
1/4 c Vegan Worcestershire Sauce
2 tsp curry
2 tsp Mexican red pepper
1 tsp Kosher salt
1 tsp cracked red pepper
1 c fresh spinach (not frozen)
1/2 c vegan cheddar cheese (shredded)
1/4 c vegetable broth
1/8 bulb garlic/minced
1/2 c nutritional yeast
1/2 c olive oil

1) Take the tofu (after pressing to get some the water out) and cut it into small strips (sorta like bacon) and put it in a pan(nonstick skillet) of heated oil; fry long enough until the tofu starts to brown and add 1/4c soy sauce and a few tsp worcestershire, fry about 1 minute longer, add nutritional yeast and set aside the tofu strips on paper towel to drain/cool.

2) In a frying pan (nonstick), put 1/4c olive oil and heat. Add fresh spinach (make sure it is on a medium heat b/c the spinach is so juicy(water) it may splatter). When spinach starts to wilt add vegetable broth, 1/4c soy sauce, 1tsp worchest. sauce, salt, and pepper. Add minced, fresh garlic. Add the rest of the spices. While still hot add the v.c. cheese to melt and set aside.

3) Toast the bread.

4) Combine tofu and spinach on sandwich. You can serve with Veganaise, but it is absolutely wonderful just by itself. (It can make 2 sandwiches or 1 really big one.)

5) Enjoy.
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