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a lunch I love

Nothing really special, but I like to make faux chicken/tuna salad by using very finely chopped chickpeas, vegenaise (vegan mayo), mustard, chopped pickles, a dash of soy sauce, and sunflower and pumpkin seeds. I put it on toasted homemade bread and eat it with sourdough pretzels with mustard for dipping, along with a couple of pickles. If you haven't made mock chicken/tuna salad this way, I highly suggest you try it. It's really tasty and nutritious.

The really sad thing about this photo is that less than two minutes after taking these pictures, I DROPPED the entire plate on the floor and I had to throw away my ruined lunch and clean mustard out of the carpet. Then I made another sandwich and everything was fine again. :)

Do these look like vulva to anyone else?

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