Kake (nou) wrote in vegancooking,

Mystery vegetable.

I bought a vegetable at the market today and forgot the name by the time I got home. It started with "d" and had five or six letters in it. A friend recognised it from my photos (under the cut) and said it's called something like "doodli", but he can't spell it, so I can't google for it! It's shaped a bit like a large courgette (zucchini), but has a thicker, paler skin. Anyone have a clue what it is, and/or have recommendations on what to do with it? (I do not need to be given suggestions of "go back to the market some time and ask", or "just experiment", because I already thought of those.)

A shot of the entire thing (this photo has the truest colour):

A close-up of the skin texture:

Close-up on the end:

Those little bits come off:

Close-up on the stem:

Thanks for reading!

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