din (esoterikgardin) wrote in vegancooking,

non-hydrogenated tofutti "cream cheese"

a while back i bought two packages of tofutti cream cheese, both of them the non-hydrogenated kind. i was thrilled that i could feel a bit less guilty eating that stuff, so i figured i'd try it out.

when i opened the first package to use in a recipe, it had a completely different texture. instead of being creamy and rich, like the original, it was spongey and somewhat crumbly/gritty. ew.
is it supposed to be like that? has anyone else tried the non-hydrogenated kind? was mine just bad? i threw it out. i intended to bring back the other one to exchange for the regular kind, but i kept putting it off, forgetting, etc. so here i still have this crap, and it looks exactly the same as the first one (but unopened). it's expiration date is in june, so i need to use it in SOMETHING. i hate to waste something i spent nearly $4.00 on! can anyone help me out here?

what to do with gritty cream cheese substance?
i'll be counting the votes for "toss it" with eagerness, but hey! you never know. and everyone here seems to be very imaginative with such situations. maybe there's a way i can use it where the texture won't be important that i can't think of, but one of you can. ;-)
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