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Comfort food goodness!

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So, what is that bowl of mushy goodness? It's mashed potatos, cabbage, and vegan gravy. :) I got the vegan gravy recipe from here.

I added the extra cornstarch, and whilst the pots and gravy were cooking I sweated then pan-fried half a yellow onion. Once the gravy was starting to bubble, the onions went in. For the mash I just used one potato, Earth Balance, and some lactaid milk (not a vegan here, just lactose intolerant) but soy works just as well. I steamed the cabbage and then threw everything together with salt and pepper! It's the best meal I've had all week, and was perfect for this morning's cloudy, gloomy-ness. :)

I also wanted to recommend a product which a friend just sent me. It's called "Donut Hole Kit" and is made by a company called "carbtopia". I haven't tried it yet but I thought it's worth a mention since it's sugar, soy, and wheat free, and I know a lot of readers here have soy and wheat allergies.

It's easy to veganise, too, since you just need some egg replacer and soy cream.

Actually, it says to fry them in hot oil. What oil is best for frying doughnuts in? I only have olive oil, but I'm guessing that wouldn't be the best.
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