bringing "slightly creepy" back (julierocket) wrote in vegancooking,
bringing "slightly creepy" back

Not entirely a vegan question, but please bear with me...

I've been invited to a Passover seder tomorrow at a coworker's house. I'm not Jewish, so this is my first Passover seder, and as an Italian I am determined to bring food with me. My coworker gave me the rundown on what foods aren't allowed on Passover (legumes, leavening, rice, corn), and I'm also trying to accomodate the various vegetarian and dairy-free/kosher-keeping people who will be in attendance.

The one thing I could finally come up with is quiche. It's one of the only simple dishes I could think to make which isn't a dessert. The question I have is, what can I use to replace the cheese? Though it's not a vital ingredient, it tastes much better than quiches without cheese, but I can't use anything that's made from soy or rice because neither are Passover-friendly (while rice isn't restricted for all Jews on Passover, this family is Ashkenazi and chooses not to have rice). I'm assuming there aren't any fake cheeses made without soy or rice, but I'm trying to think if there's anything that could replace the flavor or otherwise take the place of cheese. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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