FreakyCat (freakykitten) wrote in vegancooking,

buttercream bonbons

Thanks for all the advice yesterday regarding a chocolate dip made from unsweetened bakers chocolate (I bought mine a while ago, btw, when there was a sale, and I've been keeping it forever, so it seems I got it before the change to include milk fat).

I found a cookbook I'd completely forgotten I had, from Hershey's, that was very adamant that I should add no moisture to my chocolate sauce or it will go grainy. So instead I used shortening and icing sugar.

Buttercream centers

3 oz tofutti cream cheese
1/2 cup hard margarine (I used earth balance)
4 cups icing sugar
1 1/2 tsp vanilla

Mix together. I made plain, mint, and coconut centers.

For mint:

Add 1/4 tsp mint extract

For coconut:

Add 2/3 cup unsweetened coconut

Roll the centers into balls that are a bit smaller than 1 inch. Chill for 3-4 hours or overnight - until the centers are dry and firm to the touch.

Chocolate outsides:

4 squares unsweetened chocolate
1/2 cup icing sugar
1/4 cup shortening (again, I used earth balance)

Dip the centers into the chocolate, set on waxed paper to dry.
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