Safe, effective, and fun! (surrealestate) wrote in vegancooking,
Safe, effective, and fun!

Theatrical Vegan Spam

So I'm in a play, and in one scene, we're all supposed to be eating Spam sandwiches. I've been tasked with finding a replacement filling for myself. So what's vegan and looks like Spam? My only current idea is to use the Lightlife deli slices, which come stacked up and I think if I squared the corners, noone would know the difference. The color is right, anyway. I thought about tofu, but I'm not sure how I'd get it the right color (all the way through), and there won't be much time to prep it, anyway.

I appeal to your collective vegan wisdom! Any ideas? Thanks. :)

[Addendum: Spam comes in a can and is generally sliced into slabs, so the form factor is similar to a slice of tofu. The c olor is a sort of medium pink, like ham, which is, I believe, the main ingredient. I've never actually eaten it myself, but taste is irrelevant, anyway. The omnivores in the cast plan to use a "ham loaf" in place of the Spam, having opted out of a veggie option. I am part-amused, part-chagrined.]

Also, I'm in Boston. So any specific product must be available here, which sadly does narrow things down.
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