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...this is a story of possibility...

I've been really into junk food lately.

and so I may as well post my recipe for vegan biscuits and gravy

1 3/4 c sifted flour
1/2 tsp slt
3 tsp double acting baking powder

4-6 tbs chilled margerine

3/4 c rice milk (you could use soy, but I use rice because soy gives me gas)

basically mixthe dry ingredients and cut in the margerine and then mix in the rice milk. I usually add about another half cup and then just drop them on the cookie sheet instead of rolling them.

you can add up to another cup of milk and have them still be good.

Bake them until they are done (12-15 minutes) at 400

I don't really do measurments, just make as much as I'm hungry for.
so I'll try and give you an estimate for making some for 2 people

melt 2-3 tbs of margerine in a pan.

lately I've been wanting some fake bacon in my gravy. so if you're feelin the fakin' bacon, then this is when you add it. go ahead and brown it and then break it up in the pan (or remove it and serve it along side your biscuits and gravy)

now take part of a veggie boulion cube and break probably 1/4-1/2 into your mix. I guess it would depend on what kind you're using as to how easy this is. I use this soft kind that I got at whole foods and its easy to break, and the cubes are pretty big. disolve it in your margerine. use a little less if you've got the bacon going on, and a little more if you dont.

sprinkle in your flour until you make a paste. this is called a roux. let it get really light brown and then start adding your rice milk. slowly, or you'll have big lumps.
I put in a couple tablespoons at a time really

keep stirring and adding rice milk until its a little thinner than you'd like, and then bring it to a boil for a second. let it cool a little, adjust the consistency. add pepper. you probably won't need salt, but if you do, lowry's seasoning salt is good for gravy.

and serve it up.

its super tasty.
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