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I ate tofu and now I'm all bloated :(

So today I bought a package of Sol Organic Firm Tofu and used it to make a tofu scramble (from Garden of Vegan, a delicious recipe, I might add!)

But now I'm all bloated and miserable :(

I have IBS, but legumes don't usually do this to me; I tend to eat a lot of chickpeas, kidney beans, and lentils, but I find I have no problems if I just rinse them well. I'm not even certain if soymilk causes me a problem (it might, but I haven't really noticed).

So, question for anyone who might know:

Is there a way I can cook or prepare the tofu to lessen the bloating? Would it help to rinse it before I cook with it?

Any and all relevent comments appreciated. I'd be especially interested in hearing from other people with IBS who eat (or avoid) soy.

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