in beats we trust (missruckus) wrote in vegancooking,
in beats we trust


hi all, my old roommate used to make homemade yogurt using just a spoonful of yogurt and soymilk. it went something like this:

-sterilize glass jars by boiling
-pour soymilk in jars and stir(?) in a spoonful (how much exactly?) of plain yogurt (i recall that it had to have bacterial cultures in it or it didn't work - so she actually had to use non-vegan yogurt just for this part.. after, she was able to make more yogurt by using the previous batch she had made)
-put in oven at a very low temperature (what temp exactly?) for several hours (how long exactly?) voila! yogurt!

i'd like to make some. does anyone have an exact recipe that is easy like this? i think she got hers from the new farm cookbook, though i may be wrong about that.

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