+++ riva +++ (_livewires) wrote in vegancooking,
+++ riva +++

how do i make a boy chubby again?!

hello. this isn't specifically related to 'cooking', precisely, but i have a friend who has recently become a vegan, more-or-less and he has simultaneously started exercising a whole lot more (riding his bike) and this has had the concerning (though not so surprising) side effect of leading him to lose a WHOLE LOT of weight.

he's getting worried and talking about eating dairy again (though he's not particularly keen on the idea) and so i was wondering if anyone here knows how to, well basically how to fatten someone up in a healthy way?!

i'm thinking about carbohydrates and protein. he already eats A LOT of carbs though, but perhaps they are the wrong sort (he eats a lot of wholemeal bread and white rice, mostly)??

does anyone know WHAT SORT of carbs and protein are best and if there is anything else to concentrate on?
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