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solid gold.

things i've been eating the past week.

here are things i've been eating lately.

1. avocados sliced & spread on toast with earth balance. i just moved to the west coast where avocados are plentiful and have been eating this every day like, every four hours. shit is good.

2. black bean sauce over tofu. heat some oil, throw two large cloves of garlic in, minced, throw firm tofu in, stir it around, let it heat up for a few minutes. pour black bean sauce on, just taste it to see - i used two maybe three tablespoons, a LITTLE dash of soy sauce, and a LITTLE bit of water to make it kind of "saucy". heat it until the tofu is as firm as you want it, add some chopped green onions (i used three stalks) towards the end, pepper and salt if needed. throw it over some rice and steam some veggies (i used squash, peas taste really good with this too though) and feed it to your mom.

3. so i fell off my bike and have been on a semi soft foods diet for a while, my friend and i made potato leek soup using the recipe someone posted a while back. that turned out faabbuuulloous and for desert, since i didn't know my house had a blender (i just moved in), i mashed up some newman o's in soymilk, added a tablespoon of peanutbutter and a banana, mashing it a whollllleee bunch until my housemates were like are you eating mud? and slurpped it down. yes.

4. also, i haven't made this yet but my friend made FRIED GREEN TOMATOES!! he used a mixture that was half cornmeal, half flour, some salt, pepper and i think pepper flakes. dipped tomatoes and some zuchini in it, fried it up and it was sooooooo good. and soft! kind of reminded me of eggplant parmesean from when i used to eat dairy, so i think it would be really good with tomato sauce over rice (umm i love rice) or pasta if that's your style. it also wasn't fried so much that it was gross or made me feel sickly afterwards heh, if you're worried about that...

ps. i love this community.
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