abalancebeam (abalancebeam) wrote in vegancooking,

burrito goodness...

I have just eaten the most incredible burrito. It's super easy to make too.

1. Bake a potato and slice it into sections (i like the coarse chunks, you can adjust this to your prefrence)
2. Place the chunks in the middle of a tortilla (I live in new mexico, i don't know how readily avalible these are)
3. Sprinkle soy cheese on top (however much you put on is your call)
4. Add a good dollop of 505 Salsa (I think this might be local...green chile will work as will just about any green salsa)
5. Microwave 30-45 seconds or until "cheese" is melted
6. Add guacomole, wrap it up and enjoy!

I would have taken pictures but it was so damn good I ate it before I had the chance.
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