Hey look, it's me.. (withnoregrets) wrote in vegancooking,
Hey look, it's me..

Hello all, first post...

Well, there's this little vegan cafe in a city near my town...and they make THE most amazing bbq tofu sandwiches. I've been craving one for a while, but I don't go into the city often as it's an hour away.

So..I was wondering if any of you had really good bbq tofu recipes? Preferably pretty easy ones...I'm not used to cooking with tofu yet...but I hope to expand my horizons.

Also, I bought a box of Fantastic Foods' Tofu Scrambler and I can't wait to try it, but I noticed today that I bought firm tofu to go in it instead of extra firm tofu. Will I still be able to make the scramble with the firm tofu without it ending up like mush? I'm very weird about the texture of my food..

Thanks in advance...I really like this community!
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