Wynken De Wilde (wynken) wrote in vegancooking,
Wynken De Wilde

vegan wedding buffet

hello vegans!

My fiance and i are having a vegan wedding...well as much as we can, but if someone offers to bring something we wont tell them not to because it isn't vegan. Our wedding isn't going to be some big crazy fancy thing so we are just making out own food. Everything we will make will be vegan, including the cakes! here is what i have come up with so far, obviously we aren't chefs. This is kind of a simple soup/salad kind of deal. The more simple things are the better as we will be so busy with things other then food.

Soup (kept warm in a crcok pot)- we'd love to figure out how to make a really yummie carrot ginger soup.
Garden salad- with the usual deal, we will offer vegan dressings too
Pasta- perhaps a cold tri-noodle pasta salad
Finger rolls- we were thinking of getting finger rolls and putting tofurky oven roast slices in them. I wonder though if non-veggies will enjoy this? It has been over a decade since i last ate meat so i can't remember.
Cookies- i make really good vegan chocolate chip cookies
Guacamole with chips, humus veggie platter
Fruit salad

and for drinks,
coffee, tea, newman's own lemonaid, a a big bowl of punch.

and we are making two vegan carrot cakes with ivory frosting.

What do you think? Is something missing? Do you have a good recipie we could use?
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