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I don't know if anyone here has ever been to Pizza Luce
(an italian restaurant in Minneapolis, MN)
but they have this AMAZING vegan mock duck muffaletta..
I usually order it without the mock duck, because I am always hesitant about it..
but it is still always amazing.
It has a vegan ricotta cheese that is a "special recipe" to the restaurant
and barbeque sauce and other amazing things..
the description is:
spicy mock duck and our very own 100% dairy free rinotta uncheese (*contains nuts)
with our special blend of olives, peppers and garlic topped with barbeque sauce,
onions, tomatoes, banana peppers, lettuce and italian dressing, served hot

it is honestly, the most amazing thing I have ever eaten.

so I was wondering if anyone had a recipe for vegan ricotta..
one that you have tried and love..
because short of going to work for this restaurant when I move to minnesota,
I have no idea on how to duplicate this recipe..
which is sad because it might be my favorite food ever..
and I live 800 miles away from it.

thank you.
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