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bringing "slightly creepy" back

Just wanted to share an absolutely delicious, fast, and ridiculously tasty recipe that costs practically nothing to make. I may have posted this once before a while back, but now I have pictures...

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Ingredients & Instructions:

You can use any kind of beans you want. Here, I used black beans, cannelini beans, and red kidney beans. Mmmm, beans... you can also pop chickpeas in there if you'd like. Just dump a few cans in there.

Celery. Slice in as much as you'd like, chopped up in little chunks.

Cherry Tomatoes. You could also use small chunks of regular tomatoes if that's what you have in the kitchen. Again, as much as you want... I suppose I just try to 'dilute' the beans with celery and tomatoes.

Balsamic Vinegar. I dumped about a quarter of the bottle in here... just use enough to really saturate it and have a good amount sitting at the bottom for it to marinate in. Just estimate based on how much of everything else you use.

And... that's it! It tastes good right away, but it tastes much better after it's been sitting in the balsamic vinegar for a while, so if you're going to make it for lunch or dinner guests, make it a few hours or more beforehand so it can sit around and soak.

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It's vegan, full of protein, and makes a great lunch/light dinner/side dish that even kids like! Also, it's incredibly cheap... just three cans of beans, a carton of cherry tomatoes, and a quarter of a bottle of balsamic vinegar and you'll have enough for six people, at least. <3

A final picture, because my family thinks I'm weird for taking pictures of food to post on the internet... my brother thought this would be funny:

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cross-posted a few places. Hope you all like it!

<3 Julie
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