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Romantic Vegan Picnic

Before I say anything else: I have looked in the FAQs, got a few ideas, but I'm looking for more romantic-ish picnic foods.

Friday is my boyfriend and I's 6-month anniversary. I'm planning a picnic by the lake behind my house at night with candles and what-not. I was thinking finger sandwiches, sparkling grape juice, some kind of fruit, and some kind of cake. Maybe cupcakes? I don't know. Some kind of finger dessert. Or not, since it's just behind my house and I could bring eating utensils.

And now for my questions!

What kind of sandwiches could I make? I'd like for the filling to be anti-bad breath, if that's at all possible. : )

And, also.. any dessert ideas? I was thinking some kind of chocolate cake with cherries and choc. chips on top. But.. I'm always open to suggestions!

Thanks in advance.
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