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flax seed meal vs flax seed powder?

edit: someone pointed me to this post. so it seems like other people have had problems with the sinfully vegan cookbook's flax powder ingredient. anybody found a solution? i was thinking of making flax eggs according to another cookbook i have which is 1/4 cup flax seeds ground up with 3/4 cup water + 2 tbsp water. and then just measuring out however much the sinfully vegan recipe calls for.

hello. :)
i was looking through the saved memories about flax and i didn't find quite what i was looking for... thus i am asking this question and hopefully someone can help me out. :)

so i just bought my first vegan cookbook. it's actually a dessert cookbook. ;) the first thing i decided to make was brownies, and they called for flax powder. i couldn't find flax powder, but i found flax seed and flax meal. so i bought the flax meal and i just used that without grinding it up anymore than it was (it's not very finely ground).

so what i'm wondering is... will this make a big difference? i guess i should grind up the flax meal really fine if it calls for powder? when i mixed the flax meal with water it didn't really mix or thicken or do whatever it was supposed to do (i'm not sure what it was supposed to do.)

the other question... when i was looking around on the internet, it seemed like people thought it was better to buy flax seed and then grind it up when you need it. agree/disagree?

i just ground up some of the flax meal in my blender. i've got it a lot finer now but not quite a powder.
i don't want to waste the bag of flax meal i have now, so i guess i'll just grind it up as i need it. but in the future, i'm not sure what to buy.
thanks for any help. :)
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