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Vegan Kids & Nuts

Hello........I am considering introducing my 16 mo old to nut butters and almond milk but was wondering before I did this if any other parents out there introduced their children to nuts before 3. I have read so many conflicting things about intorducing them to nuts (not whole nuts as I know they are a choking hazard) before 3...some say DON'T DO IT due to allergies......and others say there should be no problem with it if you just do thin layers when it comes to the butters and watch for signs of allergies (no one in my family or his dad's family have allergies to nuts as far as I am aware.)

If anyone has info or advice it would be most appreciated.

***I am posting this question here as I saw a past baby food question get quite a bit of replies.....and I have yet to find a veggie or vegan parents/children's group on LJ.....if this doesn't belong here I apologize.
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