Audrey (moanaeyez) wrote in vegancooking,

Ideas needed...

I remember someone making a post about this months ago, but I can't find it. I'm taking a really important exam (an RN licensure exam) on Tuesday, and I need some of y'alls ideas about what to make for breakfast and take as a snack. My exam is at 10am and will be 5 hours long, so I need to eat a good breakfast and take a snack for the break. It's going to be a tiring exam, and I want something that will sustain me plus help me think and remain alert for that long of a period. I guess I should avoid caffeine and simple carbohydrates as much as I can since they would make me tired halfway through. So, what sorta concoctions have y'all made and had success with in similar situations- any help and ideas you can share would be greatly appreciated!
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