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Vegan Cake Disaster

Hello all :)
Im just "turning" vegan. (and loving it!) However, I previously baked and decorated cakes as a side job for cash. Obviously, I've stopped this while converting to veganism. I saw a post a few days ago about making vegan cake. (S)he suggested mixing Duncan Hines (sp?) prepackaged mix & a 12 oz. soda, & baking it. I thought that this would be a nice, easy, and relatively risk-free recipe to try. I followed these directions, and created a monster! Any idea what I did wrong?

^ Everything looks good. I mix a Mt Dew & the boxed mix. The batter tastes just like unvegan batter. I beat it as the directions say, & preheat my oven. I spray my 8" pans on the bottom.

^ I pour the batter in, & pop them in the oven. So far, everything looks great. However, as the cake bakes, it starts to look as if it isnt rising as much in the middle as other nonvegan cakes do. I accept this, & let it bake the required time. I take the cake out and let it cool for 5 minutes before I turn them out of the pans onto racks. Then....

^ Ah! This crumbly, bottom-less mess crawled from my pan. Now, it does taste yum... but it looks creepy-crawly-crumbly.

So, what do you vegan-expert-chefs think? ;D
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