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Indian Food Cook Books? UK Vegans--help!

I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a cookbook with vegetarian Southern Indian dishes? I know a lot of Indian food is not vegan, but I was hoping to veganize some of the recipes if I could find a cookbook.

I just moved to London, and since my vegan staples of certain favorite Japanese & Mexican dishes aren't really available here, I need other ideas.

I'm new to Indian (Asian) spices and modes of preparation, so I would need a very basic intro-- maybe with pictures so I could identify spices-- yeah, I really need a newbie guide! Even websites would help.

Also, has anyone used the "Vegetarian Ghee" that comes in a tub and is sold as "shelf stable"-- is it vegan? Does it need refrigeration after opening, or is it like shortening? Is it already "clarified"?

Thanks for any help in this matter!
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