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Preparing a late night dinner for my girlfriend as she heads home from a day-trip to Baltimore. I usually make my stir-fry with red, yellow, and/or green peppers, but sometimes my girlfriend prefers not to eat them, especially if she's been stressed out. There's no recipe here really, just something I made and took bad pictures of with my cell phone camera.

Here, the carrots are cut and waiting in szechuan sauce, a mug of rice waits for the water to boil, a small bowl of tofu sits in soy sauce and szechuan sauce, and some vegetables sit in a bowl waiting for the skillet:

Carrots and rose:

Brocolli, mushrooms, onions, tomatoe:

The tofu sprinkled with spices and szechuan sauce:

Tofu and carrots are fried first:

The vegetables spend a few minutes in very little boiling olive oil:

The rice is done:

Dinner is served, rose and all on our crumby kitchen table:

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