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...this is a story of possibility...

Oh man these tamales are tasty!

I didn't really use measurments, but my process was this-

first I put corn husks in a big bowl and poured a pot of boiling water over them and let them soak (about an hour and a half)

while those soaked I diced up a small ammount of red pepper and minced a clove of garlic and sauteed them until the pepper was soft and then threw in half a block of crumbled pressed tofu and cooked it with a bit of spike and garlic salt. then I put in a package of soyrizo and cooked it all and adjusted seasoning til it was good (I added a bit of veggie broth to keep it moist)

Then I let it hang out for a bit while I prepared the corn part of the tamales.

I put about four scoops of masa harina for tamales (probably abouuuuut a cup each) into a big bowl. then I put probably close to half a cup of vegan margerine in and then the liquids. I really don't have a measurment for you there.

I used about half of a can of red enchalada sauce and then the rest of the liquids were probably 20%corn oil and 80%vegetable broth.

I also added a small (drained) can of corn to this and some cumin seeds

after I'd added enough liquid to pull it together (the guidelines I was reading said the consistency of thick peanutbutter) I let it sit for a while and then re adjusted the liquid. I had to add more, but if it seems gooshy to you, add some more flour.

by this time you should have already decided what else you want in it.

I just put pieces of mild green chilies, a small piece of carrot, and a sprig of cilantro. when I was in Mexico my host mother put in potato and olives too

I already knew how to wrap them, but if you don't, check out this site- "My Hot Tamale"
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